~   Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner (via quotethat)

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Yuri Pleskun // Petar Petrov FW09

~his voice is like liquid gold~
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"Cactus No. 75" from Kwang-Ho Lee. From "Strange Plants," a new book that explores the relationship between artists and plants. http://nyti.ms/1kAsCYN
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just in case you somehow forgot how horrible the pro life movement is

if people have the right to the hospital then i have the right to  critically wound them

If people have the right to education then I have the right to give them brain damage

"if a woman can have the right to her body then i also should have the right to her body"

um. what.
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Grace Bol

unmistakablyalexandra remember when you and I were people watching in Starbucks on 38th and saw a beautifuuuul Grace? Ahhhh NYC… 
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by @TheKrisWilson. Go look at http://www.explosm.net/comics, if you know what’s good for ya!
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I googled guinea pig with brussel sprouts and let me tell you I was not disappointed 
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link Bloody bag

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~   p.k. – My parents let me go through all the phases I needed in order to fit in with friends, to fit into myself but they always told me that I’d always be enough. It took some time but I know that now. 20/07/14 (via youalonefilltheuniverse)

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First day at the new job #selfie #yay #goodmorninginstagram
Sibling time with the big guy! #littlebroskito #daytondragons #voss #Hyundai
Opaque  by  andbamnan