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chapter s/s 15.
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MANUELA on We Heart It.
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Anisocoria: inequality in the size of the pupils of the eyes.
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TA08/MXL_axis by toxi on Flickr.
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The Shining by Stanley Kubrick (1980)
Prada FW1997 by Glen Luchford

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Néle Azevedo :Ice Men Figuriines in Belfast, Ireland

brazilian artist néle azevedo ,presented as part of the belfast
festival at queen’s university in northern ireland.
the artwork is a collection of hundreds of carved ‘ice-men’, ‘Monumento Minimo’, perched readily side by side on the steps of custom house in the city of belfast, a carefully prepared intervention that slowly thawed under the heat of the day. the figures sit slouched, with legs dangling – an oddly charming set of characters
full of aloof charisma. the project was selected by the curator of the event as a tribute to titanic victims,  the ephemeral artwork a powerful expression of  the transitory nature of life, and death.

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~   Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner (via quotethat)

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Yuri Pleskun // Petar Petrov FW09

~his voice is like liquid gold~
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2 items left for sale from my most recent collection! One jacket, and one hoodie, if you’re interested in the pants photographed, I can put those up for sale as well! Feel free to message me! 


"Cactus No. 75" from Kwang-Ho Lee. From "Strange Plants," a new book that explores the relationship between artists and plants.
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Opaque  by  andbamnan